Monday, 5 August 2013

Lucky Lupitas

'Lupe' Hamburguesa: $13.90
After I finished my first semester of exams, a couple of friends including myself and Angela were craving for some Mexican food, so we went... A good friend recommend us to Lucky Lupitas and it was definitely worth going. 

The first impact when I entered the restaurant was a very great feel of the Mexican atmospheric vibe and it did feel like I was in Mexico with a couple of friends having lunch. The atmosphere was perfect and the food made the moment even better. I ordered a Mexican burger or should I say, “Hamburguesa,” which was a really good, it is so good that it’s one of the best burger places, I would recommend everyone to try in South Australia. It could be a bit tricky trying to eat it, but as messy as you get, it’s definitely worth it. Mexican hamburgers are a delight to eat and give a good kick of spices in the sauce, and you must always have some chips on the side!

Chilaquiles (Nachos): $13.90, w/ chicken: $16.90
Where as Angela ordered Nachos, a very well known Mexican dish and as she stated it was, "Magnifico". I had a taste of nachos for myself and it was good, but however I favour my Hamburger over the nachos, but both dishes were good.

I'm definitely going to visit Lucky Lupitas again for some more Mexican cuisine!

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